Monday, 22 February 2010

How to send anonymous mails ?

Here in this post I'll tell you a way of sending anonymous mails using a cool stuff !

Steps -

1) Download the software ( Download Here )

2) Unzip the 'rar' file.

3) Now run the software.

4) Fill in the following informations.

Name - name of the e-mail account you want the victim to see

E-mail from - Give some fake e-mail id

Email to - Victim's e-mail id

Subject - Subject of the topic

Message - The body of the message

5) You can also check 'Enable proxy' so that victim cannot identify your real IP.

6) Now hit on enter and the e-mail will be sent to the victim.

7) Thus the e-mail has be sent to the victim successfully.

I hope you like it. Please pass the comments !

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